The floor will be installed using Almedals Industrial Parquet. Specify type: RAW, Specify wood species.

Specify how the floor will be surface finished. Almedals recommends finishing RAW Industrial Parquet with floor oil or hardwax oil. The floor may also be finished with water-based dispersion varnish. In this case however, the floor must first be finished with a base varnish to prevent side gluing.


Almedals RAW Industrial Parquet must be sanded and surface finished on site. We recommend floor oil, hardwax oil, or floor varnish.

Almedals does not require the use of any specific products or manufacturers.

Care instructions are provided by the manufacturer.

The standard forms issued by the National Swedish Flooring Trade Association for varnished and oiled wood floors and hardwax oil from SAICOS and OSMO are presented below:


Varnished wood floors >>>

Oiled wood floors >>>

SAICOS Hardwax oil >>>

OSMO Hardwax oil >>>