DESIGN 2.0 from Almedals is a further developed Industrial Parquet. Supplied in prefinished sections with tongue and groove on all sides, presanded and factory-finished. The parquet is fully glued down to the substrate and is ready to use as soon as the adhesive has cured. No sanding, no filling, no surface finishing!

DESIGN 2.0 is available in four grades of oak, two grades of smoked oak and two grades of ash. It is also possible to produce DESIGN 2.0 in other wood species.

DESIGN 2.0 is supplied finished with hard wax oil.

In terms of appearance, DESIGN 2.0 is nearly identical to the industrial parquet. The strips are slightly larger than the traditional version.

DESIGN 2.0 provides a finished surface very quickly which entails a significant time savings on the building site. The floor is constructed of narrow strips that are joined on the underside with milled-in plywood strips. The parquet is supplied in finished sections, 7.8 mm thick, 632 mm long x 312 mm wide. Because the strips are not glued together, they can expand and dry with no risk of so-called side-gluing. The joined floor sections contribute to greater and better adhesion to the substrate and parquet adhesive. The risk of strip separation is consequently very low compared with ordinary industrial parquet of small dimensions.

When fitting to the room, the parquet sections can be sawn with a jigsaw, which saves installation time.

The parquet is fully glued down to the substrate, which provides very good room acoustics. The parquet is ideal for gluing to panels or directly on walls as an accent wall or similar.

DESIGN 2.0 Smoked Oak Select

industriparkett - Design - Rökt Ek Select

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DESIGN 2.0 Smoked Oak Stripe

Industriparkett - Design - Rökt ek stripe

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DESIGN 2.0 Ash Select         

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DESIGN 2.0 Ash Rustic           

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