The floor will be installed using Almedals Block Flooring. Specify block type: INDUSTRY Specify wood species and thickness. Specify special dimensions if such have been agreed with Almedals. Specify surface finish. Almedals recommends finishing block flooring with floor oil or hardwax oil. If the block floor is going to be installed in an industrial environment such as a machine shop or similar, the floor may possibly be left completely unfinished.

Specify whether the floor will be sanded with a Bona Power Drive and 50/100 sandpaper.

Specify whether the floor will be sanded with a floor sander.

Specify whether filler will be applied.

Specify the finish - floor oil or hardwax oil.


Almedals INDUSTRY block flooring must be sanded and surface finished on site. We recommend floor oil or hardwax oil. We do not recommend floor varnish due to high risk of side gluing.

Please note that it is not unusual for INDUSTRY to be left completely unsanded and unfinished. This depends on the space the floor is laid in and your expectations for the surface. An unsanded and unfinished block floor will become grey and impervious over time. If there are no special requirements for colour or surface resistance to liquids, etc., the floor can very well remain unfinished. This applies primarily in workshops, woodworking rooms, or comparable.

Links are provided below to care instructions for oiled and hardwax oiled wood floors.


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