INDUSTRY is our largest block flooring, primarily intended for harsh environments where pallet lifters or forklifts are used or where the floor is subjected to other heavy and hard wear. Naturally, Industry is also a viable alternative to Base when you simply want a larger dimension. We manufacture Industry in pine, but it is also available in fir and larch if preferred. Industry blocks are always at least 30 mm thick. The dimensions are approx. 70 x 140 mm.

INDUSTRY is fully glued down to the substrate and then sanded and surface finished if desired. Please note that it is not unusual for Industry to be left completely unsanded and unfinished. This depends on the space the floor is laid in and your expectations for the surface. An unsanded and unfinished block floor will become grey and impervious over time. If there are no special requirements for colour or surface resistance to liquids, etc., the floor can very well remain unfinished. This applies primarily in workshops, woodworking rooms, or comparable.

But if the customer wants a more impervious surface, Industry can be sanded, filled and surface finished in exactly the same way as Base. We recommend sanding the floor with a Bona Power Drive orbital sander. This sanding method results in a surface with an absolutely sensational feel - almost three-dimensional.

Prefinished Industry block flooring. We now also supply our Industry block flooring with a brushed, tumbled, or factory-stained surface. These can also be combined in various ways. Pictures of these surfaces are shown below.